Md. Rakibul Islam Rokib has devoted himself around ten years of his short life in the political phase (under the Bangladesh students League) for the betterment of the students, for the students, teachers as well as our campuses.
Consequently, he has got various opportunities to serve the students and his campuses also. As a follower of Mujib’s ideology, he was a proud activist of the Bangladesh students league which is a leading and large Student’s organization amongst the sub-continent of Asia. He thinks himself a very much fortunate that the Bangladesh students League central unit gave him several responsibilities at different times. And the responsibilities are-
President, Bangladesh students League, Mymensingh District Unit (from 2015 till now)
Former president, Bangladesh students League, Ananda Mohan college unit(2014-2017).
Former General Secretary, Bangladesh students league, Mymensingh District Unit(2014-2015)
* Awarded Best organizer (3rd place) Bangladesh Students League by 31 August 2014. Banga Mata Sheikh Fazilatun Nisha Mujib recitation of the historic student Assembly of the Sadohordi Udyan, in Bangladesh.
Apart from these, he was also a President of the International organization of Human rights (ASAC), Mymensingh District Unit, and current Counselor of Mymanshingh District Sports Association.

To serve these responsibilities, he gained immense experiences, and every time he tries to take drastic steps perceiving the situations well. Above all, he always tries to develop the wane system of education and animate the campuses.
-It may be mentioned that Bangladesh Students League Mymensingh District unit behind him and under his instructions has played a proficient role to root out the long-existing culture of class closures of Ananda Mohan University College besides all the other government and non-government educational institutions creating a tradition of executing all the probable classes.
-It will also be noted that Mymenshirgh District students league runs an afforestation programs in all educational institutions saying -‘Plant trees in Campus, Save the Earth”.
-They, Mymensingh Students League, often arrange campaigns in Campuses to raise awareness amongst the students with others against taking drugs and militancy.
-In recent years, the authorities of Mymensingh District announce all the campuses and institutions are safe for all and they (campuses and institutions) are free of Eve teasing. And behind these, they (Mymenshirgh District Students League) have due attention as they organize several symposiums to uphold the evil effects of Eve teasing and its ultimate results.
-After all, they think themselves successful to save and clean the campus defeating campus violence and its existing restlessness.

With all bittersweet experiences and lessons, he still steps for crowning all his responsibilities entrusted by Bangladesh Students League central leaders to run a traditional large scale unit like Mymenshirgh District Students League.

To sum up, he just means to say Bangladesh is an independent country with a red-green flag, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman is the father of our country. Now Sheikh Hasina, mother of humanity, is prime minister of Bangladesh. The people of Bangladesh have faith in her and her leadership.
Thus, he must take all the responsibilities to save the sacred soil of Bangladesh.
Finally, he wants to fly the red-green flag in all the fields of earth…….!

– Joy Bangla
– Bangladesh will live long.
-God bless all.